Amos Hoffman is a jazz guitarist and an Oud player, that has been musically active for couple of years now.
Throughout the years, Hoffman was a part of Avishai Cohen‘s ensemble, and also recorded four albums as a soloist.
I was exposed to his music couple of years ago, when he released his wonderful album Na’ama, an Oud music album that combined Arabic music with touches of fusion elements that provided a nice peek into Hoffman’s rich musical world.


Amos Hoffman - Carving

In May, Hoffman released his new album Carving.
Carving, is a much accessible album then his previous oneEvolution. In Evolution Hoffman started to go west and entered pop elements into his music.
In Carving, he continues that style and creates a beautiful, rich, poppish and fun album.
Avishay Cohen’s involvement in the album’s production is easily detectable and expressed especially with the arrangements and the album instrumentation – mainly by the fabulous flute of Ilan Salem.

Hoffman and Cohen managed to create a strikingly beautiful collection of moods and styles; you have the Arabic motives of The Well, and a warm, comforting dreaming feeling like All Along, a bluesy guitar solo that reminds us of how great of a guitarist he is.
Brown Sugar is a jumpy piece that connects the jazz, the Arabic and the World. A Minute To Smell The Flowers is a chilled down, relaxed and sweet piece, while Ras is rhythmic and fun.

The best tune in the album, is Monique, who opens the alum. Named after Hoffman’s wife, it’s a gentle and breezy tune, with the beautiful flute playing who interplays with the guitar parts. So unique and full of love.
And that’s the album DNA basically, an album of family and friends where some of the tracks are named after people, some after moments in life – and the love is everywhere in the album. Hoffman is right, it is probably the most important thing in life.

Yair Yona, Smalltownromanceblog.com

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