Amos Hoffman, is an internationally recognized Israeli Jazz guitarist and oud player, celebrated as a pioneer in blending Middle Eastern rhythms and melodic themes with modern Jazz.

Hoffman's musical journey began at the age of 6 when he started playing the guitar, later adding the oud to his repertoire. After years of private lessons, he further honed his skills at the prestigious Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem. Seeking new musical experiences, he ventured first to Amsterdam and then to New York City, where he collaborated with established musicians and promising talents such as pianist Jason Lindner, bassist Avishai Cohen, and vocalist Claudia Acuña.

To date, Hoffman has released five solo albums: "The Dreamer" (1999), "Na'ama" (2006), "Evolution" (2008), "Carving" (2010), and his most recent work, "Back to the City" (2015). Additionally, he has contributed to numerous albums for artists worldwide, including Avishai Cohen, Kiko Berenguer (Spain), and Jan Młynarski (Poland).

In 2013, Amos received one of Israel's most prestigious awards, the Landau Prize for Arts and Sciences, in recognition of his outstanding achievements in the field of jazz. Now based in the United States, in South Carolina, Hoffman continues to embark on new musical adventures and reach an ever-expanding audience.

On his upcoming album, 'Minor Operation,' set to be released on Jojo Records, Amos Hoffman joins forces with iconic players Santi Debriano and Lenny White. In many ways, this album represents the culmination of Hoffman's journey as an artist, as very few contemporary musicians intertwine jazz and traditional Arabic rhythms to the extent that Amos has in this stellar new effort.


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