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On Evolution, his third CD as leader, Amos Hoffman plays the oud he made himself, and offers a fascinating combination of Middle Eastern music and jazz.” - Dr. Judith Schlesinger

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“The rich, sophisticated compositions are performed by a spare group (he's backed by percussion, flute and bass/piano/vocals) that affords his playing plenty of room, and mixes his love of Middle Eastern music and jazz on these compositions…It's good, very good indeed, possibly one of the most successful music fusions recorded”” - Chris Nickson


... the appropriately named EVOLUTION is a heady, spice -filled caravan voyage through Middle Eastern and jazz stylings. The sound is both eternal and ever-changing, as strings and flute rooted in folk traditions are combined with a touch of African rhythm and a postmodern sensibility. Just when a track seems to settle into one pathway, Hoffman surprises, moving in another direction as in the fluid "Silence", where Ilan Salem's flute unwinds like a string, offering a tenuous guide into the maze.” - Todd Weinstein

— Jazztimes

“Truly inspiring stuff. … a textured and unpredictable musical statement. I'll take a surprise like that any day of the week”” - Mark Saleski


Deftly meshing Middle Eastern melodies with African rhythms, Tel Aviv-based guitarist Amos Hoffman’s newest effort is a psychedelic tour de force that seeks first to intrigue, then boldly envelops and enchants. Hoffman plays the oud effortlessly, with the notes seeming to melt and dribble off the instrument, while the fast-paced drumming gets your heart racing, teasing you with the question of where the alluring melodies might lead.” - Charissa Che

Global Rhythm Magazine

With the combination of jazz and Middle Eastern music, the ten tracks on Evolution will probably be welcome to those on the lookout for fresh and inventive music.” - Jessica Chung


Hoffman’s primary instrument on Evolution is the oud, and many of the songs are built on Middle Eastern scales, which Hoffman’s compositions infuse with African rhythms. The result is a heady mixture of jazz-based improvisation and exotic melodies enhanced by Ilan Salem’s alto flute playing. Ilan Katchka’s percussion centers the recording, and Cohen’s contributions, such as the arco bass solo on "Exploration," demonstrate his impressive versatility and restless sense of experimentation. While some tracks highlight each player’s speed and agility, others, such as "Exploration" and "Miss T," are tender and deeply felt. Hoffman mixes things up by, for instance, adding a trap kit to "Hamsa" to give the tune a slightly Western hue. "I Met You" could be taken for Israeli pop music, perhaps, but for the most part Hoffman plays music firmly rooted in Middle Eastern traditions. Evolution is challenging, unusual, and invigorating.” - Joseph Taylor


“Hoffman brings special depth to his work that catches you off guard and trips you up every time you think you can out think him and know where he’s going next. A satisfying set that gives world jazz a new standard to live up to.”” - Chris Spector


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